I often¬†think about how much I took my childhood for granted. Growing up in the South is a blessing not everyone gets to experience. Southern thunderstorms and summers at the river are what I long for. I hope I get the chance to move back one day, and to show my future family what it’s like. I miss simpler times where I wasn’t in such a rush. I remember when all I had to do was worry about which pool I was going to during the summer and how late I could stay out before mom got mad. I had some of the best friends a girl could ask for, and although we haven’t kept in touch all that much, I still think about them almost every day. There’s nothin’ better than the South¬†and it took me leaving to realize that.

summer, come sooner

As the days go from warm to cold it does nothing but tease me.
Is it necessary to tug at my emotions this way?

I need sunshine, summertime and everything that entails.


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