hats x hats x hats

I feel like there is absolutely no way to go wrong with a hat. Period. They add an immediate extra kick to any outfit and anyone can wear them. Anyone! I wear this hat probably way too often and what I hear most is, “I wish I could rock a hat like you!”

Well, you can. It’s that simple.

I think the majority of the time people just aren’t used to wearing hats so they feel as though they look dumb. That’s not true! The more you experiment with hats, just like with any other fashion choice, the more you feel comfortable. Whether it be a beanie, fedora, baseball or floppy hat. The options are endless and you just have to find what works best for you and what you feel most comfortable in.

I’ve listed a few of my favorite options below, so check them out and have fun with it!


Classic Wool Fedora $22.90
Brooklyn Hat Co. Fedora $68.00
Straw Woven Fedora $14.90


Distressed Baseball Cap $18.00
Chills & Thrills Fedora $24.00
Braided Trim Wool Panama Hat $32.00