weekend of greatness

This weekend has been jam packed with amazing things. With Natalie leaving in the morning we’ve been doing as much as we can to cram in time together. It all started with sunrise yoga yesterday morning.
It. Was. Freezing. Yoga Deza does a lot of things with Fayettechill Clothing Company and Sunrise Yoga is one of them. It was a brisk 35 degrees when we got the Chotkowski Gardens Friday morning around 6:30. The sweetest lady had a table set up with coffee, tea and orange juice for all of us. Much needed! After close to an hour of yoga we all headed back. The girls and I stopped at this little bakery and got some amazing muffins. I want one right now. Then there was today. Natalie was asked to teach yoga at Mayfest In The Mountains. We headed up there this morning and it was just so stunning. Everything is green and I’ve missed it so much! The drive out was full of winding roads and sunshine, windows down and loud music. Perfect.
We met up with the Fayettechill guys and figured out a spot for yoga. Slowly people started joining us, including the cutest little girl, Avery. It was hot and sunny, making yoga that much better. Afterwards, we chilled and I just kept taking pics of everything around. I’m so thankful for the beauty that surrounds me in Arkansas.

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