the perfect ending is just beginning

the truest of words

as I have said before, and will keep saying until my entire being accepts it

erase anything that does not build you up and help you excel to your most positive self

heartache will happen

you will be disappointed

but do not stay in a place you know you don’t belong

do not devour yourself in hopes of reconciling things beyond repair

demons are real, spiritually and metaphorically, and they are there to attack you at any given moment

fight with everything to love yourself and to cling to things that uplift you and back away from things that hinder you

look forward.

As humans, I believe we are innately negative, always quick to criticize and kick ourselves when we’re most vulnerable. In all things there must be a balance of forces, energies, etc. If we are the negative, then what is the positive? In my eyes the balance is the universe and nature. I am most happy and at peace when I am outside soaking in the replenishing sunlight or enjoying the white, crisp beauty of winter. Even the calming stillness of the night comforts my weary mind. Sitting on this porch right now I can see all the colors changing around me. This is much like myself. I’m working towards this transformation and understanding of the person I am supposed to be. As the leaves transform so do my thoughts and personal expectations. Now is the time for me to let go of all that has been holding me back: fear, resentment, doubt, and uncertainty. With the passing of summer and color comes the passing of the things that were a hindrance in me moving forward. For me, the winter months are a time of reflecting and rebuilding. Preparing you for the next phase of life. I will seek shelter and comfort in myself because I know I’m capable of it. I am strong enough. I have family and friends and I’m so thankful for them, but working on me is the most important. If you’re unable to let go of the weight of negativity and let the universe balance you out, then you’re not going to fully enjoy what life has to offer. A close friend recently told me that I needed to allow myself to feel and have emotions instead of shutting it all down. The more you push sadness and pain aside, the more it builds up. Feel it when it comes and allow the positive aspects of life to help you work through it. I look forward in anticipation. I have been given so many great things in life so far, and I know it will only get better. All the ebbs and flows in this life tally up to make you the person you are supposed to be. Let the bad days come, then let them go. Let them go. Stay focused on the goodness ahead and it will be there.10460227_10152858497787847_5212927238935628986_n

seeking solitude

I remember when I didn’t need to be in a relationship, or even want to be in one. It was a long time ago. For the past few years I have sought companionship. I found it in a relationship which led to a marriage that ended. Since then I’ve sought company in dating and friendships. Along the way I sort of lost myself. There are times when I’m trying so hard to not be alone that I forget who I am. I forget how much I really do love sitting in my room, listening to music, writing in my journal and reading books. If you’re constantly seeking out what you’re doing next and with whom, it becomes monotonous. You can become burnt out on the mere thought of socializing with people. This is how I’ve felt recently. I’ve made so many new friends since I moved back and I’m so lucky to have them, but it can get exhausting. I’m still working through the muck of starting my life over. I hit the reset button. Endless possibilities are in front of me, but right now I’m just staring at a blank wall. I’ve neglected myself and me time in fear that I would miss out on something. What I’ve really been missing out on is finding myself again.

“Solitude is the most important practice of all. It grounds you in what is and helps you escape from what you think should be. It is both infuriating and freeing for just that reason: it leaves you alone to see who you are and what you do; more importantly, it leaves you alone to see the real essence of what it is to be a person, the good, the bad, the downright odd and ugly. It leaves you no choice but to contemplate the bigger picture, the underlying reasoning, the way things are.”