Two weeks left…

I will be packing up the remnants of my life in Utah. Coming here last August, I didn’t know what to expect. I was searching for meaning, clarity, and hope. I have found all three of these, and feel as though it is time to go back to where I started not that long ago. Being here, I have been blessed and inspired by so many. I have put my heart out there, and have learned the reasons behind certain things not working out. It has made me stronger. It has helped me understand the meaning of unanswered prayers. I am embarking on this journey with high hopes, and knowing I’m not alone. Ever. Leaving is very bittersweet. I am ready to get back, but the thought of leaving certain people behind, well, overwhelms me. These people have helped me realize how strong I am. The things I have endured through are greater than anything I ever thought possible. But I did it. I will never be able to fully explain to them the great impact which they have made on my life. I am scared, but I know I can conquer this fear. It is another chapter in my life that I will grow and learn from. 
It will be great, and I am ready.

One thought on “Two weeks left…

  1. I love you girl! I will miss you like crazy but I know that the Lord is guiding you and that He loves you tremendously. You ARE beautiful and strong!

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