water babies

I’ve recently been very interested in water birthing. I had a friend do this a few weeks ago and she had the best experience. I like being as prepared as possible for anything, so I’ve been doing a lot of research. A few weeks ago I watched a film called The Business of Being Born which gave insight into different options available. I’m in no way getting ready to have a baby, but I do like being informed. I love the idea of a calm setting, without the chaos of a hospital room. I’m not sure if I would do this at home, but there are birthing centers in and out of hospitals. I remember being in the room when my sister was born. I was 9 and have been scarred ever since. It wasn’t until I watched the film that my nerves started calming in regards to pregnancy, labor and delivery. When talking to a friend (a nurse) about this I was telling her that I don’t think it could be worse than when I had kidney stones. As I was watching the film I was laughing a little at how much the women in labor looked like me when I was passing my kidney stone. She asked if they gave me drugs, and after naming off the cocktail of medicine they put through my IV she calmly said, “it’s a good thing you want to do natural birth because if those meds didn’t work, then an epidural isn’t going to do anything on you.”
We’ll see what happens…someday.

2 thoughts on “water babies

  1. I watched BOBB and it changed how I thought of birth and labor, even after two children!
    I wanted a water birth with my fourth, but he decided to come into this world before any tub could be thought about to be turned on. I did though have a crazy, awesome and very natural birth experience. I would do it again.
    The thing about the pain is that when i said, “I can't handle this anymore” or “I NEED and epidural”, it was done less than ten minutes later and I was holding a new baby in my arms, completely forgetting about the intense pain a minute previous.
    It's an amazing experience.

  2. i had the MOST AMAZING homebirth with Hadassah! i know you arent there yet but its awesome you are already learning about your birthing options! a short version of her birth story is on my fb page…i could never say enough good things about how great it was and how much it changed me…- Bristen
    ps i planned a waterbirth but she came faster than the guys could get the water in it…im ok w that;)

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