apartment therapy

IMG_2437.JPGYou’d think after almost 8 months of living here that I would have my place in order.


I’m constantly thinking of new things to do with it but not actually doing anything. There are several Instagram accounts I’ve started following that have flooded my brain with inspiration. Little by little, I’m getting there.

I love a warm, inviting space. Welcoming colors and prints that make you feel at home. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re in a cold, harsh place where you don’t think you can prop your feet up. Bohemian accents with Mid-Century Modern furniture describe what I envision for my place. For the longest time, I had a skewed view of what that meant, but things I’ve came across have surprised me. I guess I thought Bohemian meant “hippie” more than anything else. Anyway, I’ve linked some cool items below as well as some Instagram accounts to check out.

Pillows: My pillows are sold out but here are similar ones

Ithaca Throw Pillow (on sale!)
Montage Throw Pillow
Magical Thinking Roya Crewel Tonal Pillow

Lamps: Target has amazing lamps and I love it

Tripod Floor Lamp
Modern Globe Floor Lamp
Nixon Floor Lamp

Instagram Accounts:


Hope you enjoy! Let me know of any other ideas. I’m currently on the lookout for a badass couch.



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