regroup and refocus

It’s easy to get caught up in your head and worry about things you shouldn’t. Why does work, at a place you care about, have to be so stressful? How will I finish all these projects for school? How will I have money for everything I need? Have I eaten today? Does he/she even like me or want to talk to me? Will my apartment ever be organized? All of these negative thoughts run through my mind too often. If you’re allowing the negativity to creep in, then others will see it. It will manifest in ways you may not even realize, and in the process you will push people away when you don’t want to. You’ll get behind and feel overwhelmed. And eventually you’ll crash and burn.

That’s what I’ve allowed to happen – I say allow because it’s up to me and no one else.

I’m taking a mid-week break to reset and come back to earth. As I sit here and reflect on all the good, I realize the other things will work themselves out. I have too much amazing shit around me to be anything but happy. The universe has aligned over and over again to teach me lessons and bring new things into my life. There is no reason for me to deny myself the simple pleasure of existing. We cannot receive blessings if we are putting up blocks that prevent our own happiness. No event, deadline or person has the power to make you unhappy. At all. So why are we letting these things dictate the daily joy we deserve? Hear me when I say – we deserve all the happinessThis journey we’re on comes a day at a time. We have a chance to learn new lessons — about life, ourselves, and others — every. single. day. These lessons help complete us and our human experience. Be aware of the energy you’re bringing into the spaces and relationships in your life. If you feel the negativity creeping in, take a step back, regroup, and refocus. Don’t let something fall apart solely because you were in the wrong headspace. Negativity restricts your world and you deserve the full experience. Nothing worth having around will leave, so let go of what doesn’t stay and be stoked for all that is to come. You have no idea what lies ahead. If you trust the process and let things play out how they’re supposed to instead of unknowingly sabotaging everything, you’ll be blessed beyond measure. How amazing is that? You have the power to make it all worthwhile.

Make this ride more fun, loving and positive for yourself and those around you.


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