FullSizeRenderletting go has been a constant theme in my life. letting go of expectations, hurt, fear of the unknown, etc. but i’m beginning to just let it be. no changing, no fixing, no seeking for a way to resolve all the problems. when you do this, when you allow yourself to rest and have peace within yourself, then you allow room for personal growth and self-love.

recently, i’ve been reading about the art of happiness and how it comes about. many people have told me to “just be happy”, but this isn’t a simple thing for everyone. i mean, i’m not an unhappy person and i’m grateful for many things in my life, but at times little things creep in before i even realize it. clouded by our doubts and worries, it’s difficult to see through to the other side. as much as i try to be positive, i’ve realized that many things come from the negativity around me. i am someone who cares fully in everything i do, my heart is big and i give even when it’s not wanted. but trying to force friendships, relationships, or anything else in life that isn’t good for either party involved will only end badly until you’re able to see what you were supposed to learn. when you’re told you’re too emotional, too sensitive, too this or too that, you begin to dim your light and the insecurities overcome you. you start thinking anything you do isn’t good enough. trying to fit into someone else’s mold will never allow you to reach your full potential.

and what are we doing if not trying to reach our full potential?

everything in life is meant to push you in some direction, but it’s up to you if you’re going to allow yourself to be pushed forward or backward.

take time to accept things as they are, to just let it be, and see the best in every situation. i promise you’ll be able to find something positive, even in the worst moments. once you do this, make a plan and be proactive in living your best life. everything else will fall into place.



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