it’s very difficult for me to realize that not everyone cares to the same extent that i do.

actually, they may care the same amount, but in a different way.

i’ve read books, listened to podcasts, etc.

i still have people telling me that i shouldn’t get so upset about things, but it’s a hard thing for me to grasp and apply to my life.

i take offense, assume, and worry about things i have no control over.

…or tell myself i have no control over.

i’ve realized this is a pattern in my life, but i’ve always been self-aware enough to talk about it.

addressing our own demons is a difficult thing to do and it’s a long process. we all have these demons…some may be more prevalent than others but they are real. very real.

it’s very easy to get down and beat ourselves up when we slip back into our insecurities and doubts.

let me say this, though. if we think back on everything that has led us to where we are now…how much time it has taken for us to build up doubts within ourselves that others may not know we have…

are we allowing ourselves the time to work through these demons, self-doubts, and insecurities?

this isn’t an overnight resolve. it’s a constant process. it involves us loving ourselves enough to admit our faults, but also knowing they do not define us.

we are never failing as long as we continue working to become our best selves.

i know baby joss would tell me and everyone else that everything will be okay.

please know this, recognize this, and let’s do our best to practice this,

i’m rooting for us.


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