it’s been five years since i moved back to fayetteville. i know that i have learned a lot along the way, yet i still have miles to go…but who doesn’t? it’s easy to get lost in the process, question yourself, and wonder if you’re still on the right path. we are always our own worst critics, always seeking validation from anything but ourselves.

growing up, most of us thought quicksand would be more of a problem than it ever was, but i’ve realized that quicksand is very real. it’s what you feel when you want to move forward but are unsure of the best route to take. you’re reaching for something you know is there, yet you haven’t grasped the surface. you’re pulling yourself up and hoping to see the light. you reach and reach but still feel stuck.

the light is there. it’s always been there.

the feeling of being stuck and dragged down is only the insecurities taking over. we must pull ourselves out, however hard it may seem, and continue moving forward. move toward the light within ourselves, the self-love and acceptance we all deserve.

never stop moving forward. never stop reaching for that light.


One thought on “quicksand

  1. I’ve read this 5 or 6 times now and every time it resonates harder , what a beautiful way to explain drive, passion , and consistently moving forward we are all the masters of our own universe and I cannot wait to read more

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