my strength

i wrote this almost 10 years ago. i’m reposting to dedicate it to my mother because she is the absolute strongest person i’ve ever known. this is also dedicated to the only father i’ve ever known. when my biological father was nowhere in sight for years, my dad walked in and chose to be there when he didn’t have to take on that responsibility. i’m so grateful for you both. momma, dad, i love you.

april 7, 2009

the images have faded
but i remember one thing
lincoln logs
i remember loving them
and leaving them
all the while not knowing
lincoln logs and you
would i never see again
time does pass
wounds eventually heal
though questions still remain
that would be the greatest one
i can smile knowing that i had her
she had strength which i’ll never grasp
a heart which seemed unbreakable
you leaving led me to where i am now
confounded at times, but mostly okay
luckily you left early enough
i only miss the lincoln logs


2 thoughts on “my strength

  1. Love reading this. Thanks, Jocelyn.

    Best Regards,

    George Cedric Bieker

    Athlete & Co-Founder – Summation Athletics Instructor & Guide – American Alpine Institute Apprentice Guide – American Mountain Guides Association Athlete – Fayettechill

    Website | Instagram | Facebook Cell: 479.236.8798 Email:

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