on the mend

As I sit in this familiar, safe place I can’t help but wonder how I got to this point in life. There are days when I couldn’t be more happy and thankful, then there are days like recently when I’ve felt like a part of me is missing. Like somewhere along the journey I dropped an important piece of myself. I keep searching…searching my mind, books, people and nature. Still I can’t find it. I don’t even know what I’m looking for. My heart aches for adventure and yet I feel stuck, unable to move forward in any direction. I’m so unsure of what I want or where I want to be that I self-sabotage. I take opportunities away from myself before I even realize it. Deep down I have a grasp on who I can be, but she’s buried away like someone fighting for their last breath. So deep in doubt and fear that I don’t know when or how she’ll surface. It’s a daily fight to be my best self and not be defined by superficial things. I’m constantly trying to forge my way through the muck in my head and come out on the other side. I want to live a full life. I want to truly fall in love and know that even my most broken self is loved by someone else and that, together, we can make it. I’m working towards mending my mind and heart so I can take advantage of this life I lead and the beautiful world I’m able to be a part of. There’s no use wasting what you’ve been given just because you may not feel worthy of it.
Keep going.

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