it’s been so long that my own blog seems foreign to me. do you ever get to thinking things are so good that you’ve neglected things that matter along the way? my blog is what i’ve neglected. this is my online journal. because, through everything, i’ve realized – what is the point of going through anything if you can’t share it and help others? i could easily write this down on paper and keep it tucked away…but why? the last several months have been a whirlwind. i have been on the brink of death – physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally – yet here i am, typing this to whomever wants to read it. most of the time, my blog has seemed negative to a lot of people and that’s fine. i address the reality of my life, of mental illness, and real struggles. i welcome peoples’ heartache and trials and love when they feel they can reach to me as a safe ground to discuss the inner workings of their minds. because on the other side is joy and love. i could ramble on and on but I just want y’all to know to keep going. there’s a reason i have that tattooed on my arm. keep going. we are not finished. our stories have so much more to tell. 

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